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Psychologists and psychotherapists are concerned by the environmental debt. They have the necessary expertise to work on the causes of a lack of consciousness and thus better respond to the current crisis.

  • Our attitude towards the environmental crisis is a question of consciousness versus resistance and denial, or moral and repressive superego developments. “The most successful actions naturally flow from an expanded consciousness”.
  • Analyzing the neurotic modern culture, it’s biases and the history of transgenerational debt transmission.
  • Responding to the increasing loss of a direct, living and healthy relationship with our environment (body, community, nature, universe). We arise from and are part of the world, our environment is our roots, but what’s left from that mutual exchange ?
  • Prioritizing natural and non-chemical practices.
    Working on the origins of symptoms, rather than focussing on the appearing symptom, for more durable therapy, developing the non-polluting practices and avoiding nourishing transgenerational debt. “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish.” Confucius

This directory is meant to help people finding professional psychologists and psychotherapists who care about environmental crisis and related issues.